Seance with Nicholas Wallace

created by Nicholas Wallace and Luke Brown

Everyone loves a good ghost story. This is your chance to be part of one.

In this completely immersive experience, illusionist Nicholas Wallace invites you to join him in exploring the world of the Victorian spirit medium, in what is reliably being called “the first attempt to use an actual séance as part of a theatrical entertainment.”

Though the belief in ghosts and spirits is exceptionally old, one period in recent history stands out as something special. In the mid to late 1800’s, millions of people became convinced that they could communicate with the dead. For many people this belief exists to this day.

At each performance of Séance, one audience member is chosen to become The Medium. It is a different person every night. There is no way of knowing who will be chosen, what might happen, or who they might become.


written and performed by Ryan M. Sero
Animations by Nicholas Wallace

Strange and Unusual

Created by Nick Wallace & Luke Brown


An inter-dimensional being summons a group of “teens with attitude” to help him defend the world from evil. Unfortunately, he accidentally summoned the high school drama group. Unable to fight, he assigns them the task of performing a monthly BIG SHOW that bring him up to speed about the current state of the earth. Music, comedy, magic and short films. Think Power Rangers meets Kids Incorporated teabagged by Kids in the Hall.

Starring a rotating cast including Vicktoria Adam, Tyler Brent, Luke Brown, Stephanie Hope Lawlor, Kristian Reimer, Ryan Sero, Nick Wallace and Laura Welch

Everybody believes in something, something they are ten-fingers-ten-toes committed to. For Kelly, a     satirical cartoonist who likes to push buttons, that’s everything The Enlightenment gave to civilization: free expression and a right to offend. Of course, some other people believe that he has just blasphemed with his cartoons and now he deserves to die.

This story is an echo of stories all around us today, stories where thoughts and ideas and beliefs are under attack from all sides, and where our last line of defence are people who draw funny little comic strips in magazines.

Princess Penelope's End of the World Magical Musical Super Happy Fun Time Show! 

​by Vicktoria Adam and Luke Brown 


We all share a common delusion; that our world view is based on truth and logic, and that we would never do something unquestionably weird. But we do. Whether you admit it or not, we all believe in something weird. 

Using magic and storytelling, illusionist Nick Wallace investigates the world of superstitions, psychics and other weird beliefs in a show not to be missed.

Ever since civilization collapsed, things have been tough for the survivors. Avoiding death by starvation, gang murder or lack of medical attention is becoming increasingly difficult but, Princess Penelope is going to do her best to cheer you up. She’ll welcome you into her hideout where you can take your mind off of all your lost loved ones over a glass of water that is 85% e-coli free, which if it was a math test, it’s a score you’d be pleased with! Accompanied by a giant Teddy Bear on keyboard, Princess Penelope will, through a combination of song and positive reinforcement, do her darned best to help us see the good in what remains of the world.